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Amber Marcy

(Business Development Manager)

Amber Marcy is currently the President of the Board of Disability Network /Lakeshore, where she has served for several years. Amber became quadriplegic 20 years ago as a passenger in a car accident which givers her the ability to connect well with youth and teens with various disabilities. She strives to serves as a role model for this demographic comprised of all abilities. With a focus on prevention, she serves as the VIP speaker for the “Think First” program in Kent County, MI. She is driven by the hope that students will use their brains to protect their bodies, by compelling them to think first.

Amber is an active athlete and member of the Grand Rapids Quad Rugby team. In 2009 Amber was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Michigan and was the third place runner-up in the Ms. Wheelchair America competition. She was featured in the award winning documentary, “Defining Beauty; Ms. Wheelchair America.” Amber pushes each day to show the world that her disability does not define her and helps others to do the same.

Amber Mercy