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What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) tracks blood glucose levels uninterrupted (day and night), giving you the ability to understand where your blood sugar levels are at any time.

Most CGM systems also provide the ability to review your blood sugar changes over hours and days to interpret patterns and trends. Given the ability to see your blood glucose levels in real-time, you can make informed choices about your lifestyle factors and how to best manage your diabetes on that day.

Why Choose Continuous Glucose Monitoring?

Manage your diabetes without the hassle of traditional blood glucose monitoring that include fingersticks and testing strips.

CGMs are always tracking your blood glucose levels — whether you’re exercising, sleeping, or out with friends.

CGMs have special notifications that alert you if your blood glucose gets too high or low.

CGMs provides real-time feedback to help you identify glucose trends and patterns.

CGMs are discreet — you, and others, won’t even know it’s there!

What Does a Continuous Glucose Monitor Do?

A CGM works through a tiny sensor that is placed under your skin, typically your stomach or arm, and measures the interstitial fluid (ISF) which reads glucose between the cells. The monitor tests glucose every couple of minutes and sends the information to a monitor or smartphone.

There are a variety of models available — GNS carries Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre — that give you the ability to carry the monitor close by in a pocket or purse, or the monitor can be a part of an insulin pump.

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Using a Continuous Glucose Monitor

Unlike traditional blood glucose monitoring with fingersticks and testing strips that can easily be cleaned and disposed of, using and caring for your CGM are integral parts of diabetes management because this is the device that is constantly monitoring your glucose.

To ensure its longevity and that it’s optimally functioning you’ll need to replace your CGM sensor every three to seven days depending on the CGM model you’re using.

When the CGM system alerts you of an extreme high or low in your blood sugar, it’s crucial that you take action to balance your blood sugar into a target range or seek medical help.

Advantages of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Traditional blood glucose meters can only go so far by providing you a glimpse of what your blood sugar is at that exact moment — an untrackable snapshot.

CGM systems allow you an innovative glance into your blood glucose levels, while identifying trends and patterns over time. This way, you can see what your blood sugar levels were at crucial points of the day such as when you went to the gym, while driving, before a big presentation, or when you were sleeping.

All these events provide you with a valuable insight to better manage your diabetes.

Lower A1C

A CGM provides enhanced insight to help reduce A1C levels compared to fingerstick testing.

Track Blood Glucose Patterns

Gain insight into what your blood sugar is doing at different points in your day.

Identify Glucose Events

Understand how different events can impact your blood sugar levels such as dining out, illness, or medications.

Prompt Notification of Blood Glucose Extremes

Get early and real-time notifications of highs and lows throughout your day.

Who Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring For?

A CGM system was created for individuals managing type I and type II diabetes who are looking for a modern way to support their blood glucose. It’s beneficial for the people who:

  • Have a difficult time reducing and balancing their A1C levels
  • Have persistent low glucose levels
  • Are unaware of their glucose fluctuations
  • Children and teens who want an alternative to traditional blood glucose monitoring

Experience the Freedom of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

If you’re tired of having to stop what you’re doing to test your blood sugar with a meter and are over fingersticks, a CGM system is the perfect alternative.

Forego extra stress, worry, and concern wondering if you’ll be able to sleep through the night without a dangerous blood sugar high or low, and stay active knowing you’ll be alerted if your blood sugar goes out of target range.

There are a variety of CGM options that keep up with your lifestyle!

Freedom is found in CGM!

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