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Monitor Your Blood Glucose From the Convenience of your Smartphone!

Forego traditional blood glucose monitoring, and embrace the innovative CGM technology of the FreeStyle Libre.

At GNS Medical Supplies, we have partnered with FreeStyle Libre to provide our clients with simplified glucose monitoring to make diabetes management effortless!

Why choose FreeStyle Libre in your blood glucose monitoring?

Blood sugar accuracy

Around the clock glucose monitoring



Smartphone compatible


Blood glucose monitoring can be complex — get a straightforward approach with CGM from FreeStyle Libre!

Traditional blood glucose monitoring relies on fingersticks that can be cumbersome and inconvenient — you have to put life on pause to check your blood sugar. Why not make life a little more effortless with support from a CGM system?

Is traditional blood glucose monitoring (BGM) holding you back?

Don’t let diabetes management keep you from living your life freely and participating in the activities you enjoy. It can be disheartening trying to manage the fluctuations of your blood sugar — from the meals you eat and beverages you consume to physical activity, and sleep patterns — all of these factors play a role. And, this can get taxing.

If you’re looking for a solution to traditional BGM, the FreeStyle Libre CGM system can make diabetes management more accessible and give users a better overall snapshot into their blood glucose levels — straight from your smartphone!

Effortless blood sugar management is found with the CGM system from FreeStyle Libre!

The old way of fingersticks and testing strips from traditional BGM just can’t keep up with our modern lifestyle anymore. Managing diabetes doesn’t have to be difficult, and CGMs create an effortless way to gain insight into blood sugar levels.

Blood Glucose Control From a CGM System

A CGM system stands for continuous glucose monitoring and is an innovative alternative to traditional BGM. You are fingerstick-free and provided real-time blood glucose monitoring with information that goes straight to your smartphone.

The FreeStyle Libre CGM includes a small sensor that is worn on the upper back of your arm that tracks your blood glucose levels around the clock. Simply swipe the scanner over the sensor for a current read, trending glucose insight, and an 8-hour history.

Why adopt a CGM system?

Compared to traditional BGM, a CGM system provides you instant feedback on the state of your blood sugar levels, affording you the opportunity to better manage your diabetes.

The CGM from FreeStyle Libre grants awareness to patterns and variability of your glucose levels, displays when your blood sugar is within range, above range, and below range, and tracks glucose readings in four 6-hour time frames to identify events and trends.

All of this information builds a complete picture of what your blood glucose is doing, providing you with the information you need to adjust lifestyle factors and treatment protocols.

CGM in Numbers From FreeStyle Libre

The FreeStyle Libre CGM system has been clinically proven to reduce hypoglycemia when compared to traditional blood glucose monitoring.

Patients with type I diabetes benefited from the following:


reduction of hypoglycemia


nighttime reduction of hypoglycemia

Patients with type II diabetes benefited from the following:


reduction of hypoglycemia


nighttime reduction of hypoglycemia

The Importance of Blood Glucose Monitoring With The FreeStyle Libre CGM System

Important information to consider when choosing a CGM such as the FreeStyle Libre is that not only can you retrieve a current blood glucose reading, but you also receive a trend which is important for diabetes management.

CGM sensors take interstitial fluid (ISF) when providing blood glucose feedback. Blood glucose readings trend about 5 to 10 minutes ahead of ISF glucose readings — when blood glucose levels are balanced, these numbers are about the same, but during glucose spikes and drops, the numbers fluctuate a bit more and this change is known as lag.

The main factor to consider is that a CGM system doesn’t only focus on a single glucose point in time but also the trend, which provides the picture into your blood glucose levels, instead of just one moment in time.

Daily Patterns

The FreeStyle Libre provides a graph displaying a pattern of blood glucose fluctuations over a day, with the ability to view the last 7-day time period

Times Targets

This displays when your blood sugar levels were in target range and above and below target range.

Low Blood Sugar Events

The low glucose events display allows you to view readings that drop below 70 mg/dL in four different 6-hour time frames.

For effortless blood glucose monitoring that replaces traditional fingerstick methods, get the FreeStyle Libre CGM system today!

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