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GNS Sponsors Our Community

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Chad Anselmi is a drag racer. He always admired racing growing up and got in to racing in 1997 when he got his first Ford Mustang and was hooked from that point. Three years later, non racing related, he was in a car accident that paralyzed him and required him to use a wheelchair. “From that moment I never felt like myself” recalls Chad.

His father took him to get hand controls on his mustang. He knew he loved the car and he loved the sport since the first time driving it. Every time he got in the car and out of his wheelchair to cruise the local scene, he didn’t think about how his life had changed, health issues or people starring his way. He had the same thoughts as every other racer when they pulled to the starting line. Beating the other car in the next lane, cutting a good light and getting to the finish line. When he’s in the driver seat of that Ford Mustang he definitely is not looked at as a man in a wheelchair but a drag racer.

About Chad: AKA Crazylegs is a T-10 paraplegic complete. Date of accident January 23, 2003.

About the car: 2000 Ford Mustang on 28’s, Outlaw 632 platform, Rainman is a Team Z Motorsports stock suspension, Powered by Holbrook Racing Engines 632 Cast Intake 1 Carb with Diamond Pistons and 2 Nitrous Express Fogger Systems, Prolite Battery and Spaghetti Menders Wiring

WINS: 2017 Outlaw 632 Championship at Milan Dragway

Watch Chad Drag Race Here:

Chad car
Chad car 2