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Krystina Jackson

Krystina Jackson, Business Development Manager

Krystina Jackson, a northern California resident for 27 years, was crowned Ms. Wheelchair California  in March 2018 and is currently the West Coast Representative for GNS Medical Supplies as well as the Founder and Creative Director for a custom wheelchair accessories company. With a background in corporate finance and a BS in Business Administration, Krystina is passionate about encouraging women with varying abilities to take responsibility for their health and overall wellness as they pursue their passions fearlessly.

A Bay Area resident, Krystina has been inspired by Silicone Valley movers and shakers from Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg to San Francisco Mayor, London Breed. Krystina shares her life and her work on multiple social media platforms as a way to inform and educate others on cerebrating life with different abilities  and the importance of working hard to contribute to the community of over 54 million Americans living with disabilities.

Krystina is committed to transforming social response, advancing public policy, and strengthening community collaborations for people with different abilities. She is an avid supporter of the quest for employment, financial independence and forging successful careers in the field of ones choice while keeping health a priority. As the new West Coast Development Manager for GNS Medical Supplies, Krystina enjoys the opportunity to combine her love for advocacy and educating people on proper catheter use and other monthly utilized medical supplies including glucose monitors. Recently GNS added a prick free glucose monitor that Krystina is sure will be a great benefit to her clients! During her reign as Ms. Wheelchair California in 2018, Krystina fell in love with advocacy and is truly enjoying her opportunity to serve her community by joining the GNS medical supply family. Her favorite quote by poet and musician Ravindranath Tagore, captures her new found sentiment towards life, slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold service was joy.

As the business development manager for the West Coast, Krystina’s tenacity and perseverance guides her well as she navigates the waters of medical supplies as she tries to establish GNS as a leading medical supply Company that supports those with different abilities living and thriving in California.