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Other Products

Other Products

We have many more products and affordable medical supplies to meet your medical needs!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the items you might need.

Bathroom/Shower Products:

Padded Transfer Bench, Tub/Slider System Multi-chair 6200, Multichair 3000TX (Great for Traveling!) Multichair 3000, RAZ-AT (Attendant Tilt), RAZ-SP Rehab Shower Commode Chair.

Ostomy Products:

We carry all Coloplast ostomy products listed but not limited to SenSura Mio Convex 1-Piece Closed Pouch, SenSura Mio Convex 1-Piece Drainable Pouch, SenSura Mio Convex 1-Piece Urostomy Pouch, SenSura Mio Convex Click Barrier, SenSura Mio Convex Flex Barrier, Brava Paste, Brava Moldable Ring, Brava Protective Sheet, Brava Belt and much more. Contact us today to place your order.

Wound Care Products:

Biatain Silicone, Biatain Silicone Lite, Biatain Adhesive Foam Dressing, Biatain Ag Adhesive Foam Dressing, Biatain Silicone Ag Foam Dressing, Biatain Alginate Ag Dressing, Biatain Super, Non-Adhesive, Biatain Alginate Dressing, Biatain Ag Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing, Biatain Alginate Adhesive Dressing, Comfeel Ulcer Care, Comfeel Plus Ulcer Dressing, Purilon Gel, Physiotulle, Triad Hydrophilic Wound Dressing, Sea-Clens Wound Cleanser, Wound’Dres Collagen Hydrogel. Please contact us for additional wound supplies not listed.

Wheelchair Accessories:

FreeWheel, Dragonfly Wheelchair Attachment, and SmartDrive. We constantly have the latest products so contact us and keep an eye on our web page for the latest and greatest in wheelchair accessories.